Dr. Marina Rozenshteyn PhD, CNS
International Food intolerance Expert
... We help our patients get rid of many various chronic illnesses and symptoms caused by food hypersensitivity. The core of our approach is personal training and support of each patient for several months until a stable result is reached.

Dr. Marina Rozenshteyn PhD

Board Certified Nutrition Specialist (USA)
Founder & CEO, ABC Biosensors Inc ( Trade name NutriScan Medical). (USA)

Co-founder & Chief Physician at ROLE™ clinic (www.role.ee. European Union, Tallinn, Estonia). Licensed MD in the European Union.
Chief Consultant at ImmunoHealth™ Int. LLC (USA) (www.immunohealth.com), 2007-2010.
Founder & Chief specialist at ABC Biosensors Inc.(USA), (www.nutriscanmedical.com) since 2010
12 years of clinical experience in the field of food intolerance & delayed food allergy(Type III) Over 10 000 successfully completed the "NutriScan" Program developed by Dr.Marina Rozenshteyn.
Co-author of two patents, several scientific articles and one monograph (in process of publishing)

Scientific team
Prof. Kondakov S. E. PhD, Dr.Sc Moscow State University
Prof. Vojeikov V. L. PhD, Dr.Sc Moscow State University
Prokoptceva O. S. PhD, Immunovet Clinic ( Moscow, RF)
Dr. Volkov A.V. MD. Dr Volkov`s Clinic (Moscow, RF)
Rozenshteyn A.Z. PhD, Dr.Sc (USA)

1. Rozenshteyn A; Rozenshteyn M. Volkov A., "Method of Analysis, Detection and Correction of Food Intolerance in Humans" // WO 2009/035529 A1; US Patent Appl. 20100227340.

2. M. Y. Rozenshtein, E. S. Ihalainen, S. E. Kondakov, O. S. Prokoptseva and A. Z. Rozenshtein, "Application of nonspecific biosensors methodology for right choice of diagnostic criteria for food allergy and intolerance on the basis of specific human IGG determination", Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, Volume 66, Number 3, 188-193, 2011, DOI: 10.3103/S0027131411030102.

3. S.E Kondakov, O.S Prokoptceva. M.Y Rozenshteyn, A.Z Rozenshteyn, "Nonspecific Biosensors in Chemistry and Immunology", Monograph, (in process of publishing)
USA, Canada, Russia, Estonia, Finland, Israel, Sweeden, Germany, China, India, Japan, Trinidad,
and Tobago, Philippines, Emirates, South Africa, Malasia, Australia, Brasil, Liberia, Kongo

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